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Tuf-Tite offers a complete solution for Precast Septic Tank applications. All of our products are corrosion-resistant, more durable, and strong. We offer solutions for almost every application

Tuf-Tite makes a full line of risers and accessories for Pre-Cast applications.

6" Tall Riser - For septic tanks. Stack-able in 6” increments. Available in 16” & 20".

12" Tall Riser - For septic tanks. Stack-able in 12” increments. Available in 20”.

Note: This product does requires screws to attach the products together. You will need to purchase stainless steel screws to attach them. You can purchase them here as well. You should use stainless steel screws because normal screws will corrode from the moisture of your septic system.

To help you order the right amount of screws refer to the following list

16” Risers & Lids = 4 Screws

20” Risers & Lids = 8 Screws

If you order multiple items add the screw amounts together.

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